Bronx Funeral Home Arrangements and Pricing

The death of a family member or friend can sometimes come as a surprise. These situations are difficult to navigate, as you must handle personal emotions as well as the stress of planning a funeral or memorial service. At Lucchese Funeral Home, we want to help honor your loved one with flexible funeral arrangements in the Bronx, New York, area.

It's our goal to make the funeral planning process as seamless as possible, and we even offer an avenue for making funeral arrangements online. We'll take the time to explain all of your options for a peaceful day, catering to the expectations of your family. Whether you want to follow the layout of a traditional burialcremation or just have a memorial gathering, our staff creates an itinerary to ensure the day goes smoothly.

From the writing of the obituary to selecting a casket and headstone, we're here for you through every step of the funeral planning process.

Types of Arrangements and Services

The arrangement procedure starts with an initial meeting. We meet with families in person or allow you to make funeral arrangements online through a video conference call so we can learn more about your vision for the event. Review the following information for a closer look at our services and offerings:

Traditional Burial

This is one of the most popular options selected by families. We'll coordinate visitations and viewing hours for guests to pay their respects. Traditional burials can include the dressing and placing of the body in the casket for a graveside service or result in a cremation.

Green Burials

Lucchese Funeral Home has access to burial sites within the environmentally friendly Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. We can design a personalized funeral or memorial service before placing remains within natural burial grounds.


Cremation appeals to families that would like to scatter, bury or keep a loved one's remains inside an urn. Choose whether or not you want visitors to attend a memorial or church service at our venue to celebrate the life of the deceased. We also offer direct cremation services for individuals who would prefer not to have a gathering.

Services for Every Community

Lucchese Funeral Home opens our doors to families from all faith backgrounds. Whether you choose a traditional burialgreen burial or cremation, we create a platform for you to invite members of your religious community for prayers, readings, services and more. We welcome you to incorporate traditions from Catholic, Islamic, Jewish or other backgrounds for a funeral or memorial gathering all attendees will remember for years to come.

Funeral Home Arrangements and Documentation

Our funeral arrangements in the Bronx are tailored to suit the wants and needs of your family. At Lucchese Funeral Home, it's our mission to help you spend time with those closest to you while we take care of the details for your day of remembrance. Before we can start the planning procedure, we recommend reviewing our list of what to bring with you when making funeral home arrangements.

We'll Work With You to Choose the Best Options

Unsure which funeral arrangements are right for your loved one? Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home will be glad to explain your choices for a formal or informal gathering. We understand the hardships of a death in the family, so we'll introduce you to affordable services that match your budget and traditions.

If you recently suffered a loss, contact Lucchese Funeral Home for more information.

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