Green & Natural Burials

Choosing Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home for green burial services in New York is an environmentally friendly way to honor a loved one. Our staff caters to families in the Bronx area with connections to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. You can follow the traditional funeral process with efforts that help to preserve the earth for generations to come with our all-natural materials.

Whether a friend or family member was passionate about sustainability or you're searching for a way to maintain the state of New York, we'll help you create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

What Are Green Burial Funeral Services?

A green burial follows the structure of a traditional funeral, but we use biodegradable caskets and headstones. Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home arranges the burial with caskets made of woods, wicker and fiberboard for a faster decomposing process. There are no toxic chemicals implemented in a green burial when preparing the body for the ceremony.

Why organize a green burial? Families choose this option to limit the amount of pollution in the environment. Our services combine the concept of a traditional burial with memorial spots featuring remembrance trees, slate stones and more that preserve the woodlands of New York.

For a green burial to take place, you require a certified cemetery following guidelines for little environmental impact.

Where Is the Natural Cemetery?

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home will help you find a burial location in the Riverview Natural Burial Grounds of New York, a part of Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. The beautiful Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is a resting place that sits along the Pocantico River in Westchester County. This location bridges the gap between humans and nature by keeping the area free of embalming practices, pesticides and materials such as concrete and metals.

These natural burial grounds stand as some of the most peaceful terrains in New York. For your convenience, Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home is located just a short drive away from this exclusive green cemetery.

Our Green Burial Funeral Services in the Bronx

Our funeral planners take the time to understand your expectations for a green burial. We enable your family to create a custom package with numerous components to make the day special. Use our facility as a venue for church services, intimate gatherings and more, as we coordinate events according to your faith background, preferences and needs.

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home provides you with the resources necessary for a meaningful celebration. We work with you to plan the following:

  • Religious readings
  • Memorial tables and presentations
  • Floral arrangements
  • Music and eulogies

How to Plan a Green Burial Funeral

Green burials give you all the benefits of a traditional funeral with the flexibility to select an itinerary. You can respect your friend or family member by choosing the services that help guests get through challenging times. Consider having our funeral planners assist with any of the details below:

Viewings and Visitation Hours

We are a green funeral home in the Bronx that holds visitation sessions in the afternoon and evening slots for gatherings large and small. Green burials do not prohibit viewings, but we provide visitation.

Church Services and Readings

Use our venue to host a church service in honor of the deceased. Invite guests from your religious or spiritual group to lead readings, songs, prayers and speeches.

Cemetery Services and Transportation

Decide whether you want guests to attend the lowering of the casket. We reserve limousines to get close family from our venue to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Learn More About Green Funerals in the Bronx

At Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home, we treat all of our visitors like family. Our dedicated staff wants to help you celebrate the lives of those that are important to you with a focus on kindness and compassion. If you're interested in scheduling a green burial in New York State, contact us online today.

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