Veteran Funeral Services in the Bronx, NY

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home believes the men and women who serve in the American military deserve the best. Those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country should be honored in a way that is special, so we proudly bring families veteran funeral services to celebrate loved ones no longer with us. We walk you through every step of the funeral planning process to ensure your close relatives and friends receive recognition for their active duty.

Our veteran funeral honors in the Bronx are the perfect way to commemorate brave individuals. We understand that veteran funerals can be challenging to coordinate, so Lucchese Funeral Home takes the extra step to support families during their time of need. Together, we will plan a meaningful service exceeding the expectations of surviving family members.

Why We Offer Veteran Benefits

Those in the military have a story to be told. Whether an individual served one active term or a lifetime of duty, Lucchese Funeral Home wants to show appreciation. It's our goal to serve those who have protected our country, so we cater to deceased veterans with tailored services for a peaceful event.

We work with families in the Bronx to plan the logistics of the funeral according to your traditions. From burial services to cremations, we set the day's itinerary with readings, guest speakers, music and anything necessary for a personalized experience. Veterans have dedicated so much of their time to keeping Americans safe, so we pay our respects with exclusive offerings such as custom headstones.

Veteran Funeral Benefits and Services Offered

It's an honor to serve families with ties to the United States Military. Lucchese Funeral Home goes above and beyond other venues in the area with close attention to detail. We contact a minimum of two active members of the Armed Forces to present the American flag, and one official will belong to the same sector in which your loved one served.

Veteran funeral honors consist of the playing of the taps, and this performance can be done live or through a recording based on preference. Our planners arrange the following funeral home services for veterans:

  • Folding and laying of the American flag on the casket
  • Customized headstones and markings
  • Financial contributions to families (if applicable)
  • Preplanned cemetery plot and burial allowances

All families receive a full-size American flag to remember the deceased when working with Lucchese Funeral Home.

Who Is Eligible for a Veteran Funeral?

From determining veteran funeral eligibility to the finishing touches, Lucchese Funeral Home will guide you through the funeral planning process. Our staff will require additional information in order to coordinate veteran funeral services. A loved one qualifies for honors if they meet the criteria listed below:

  • Military member was on active duty during the time of death
  • Individual was in the Selected Reserve
  • Family member served on active duty and departed for reasons other than "dishonorable"
  • Military member discharged from active duty or selected reserve due  injury or disability

Lucchese Funeral Home for Veteran Funeral Services in the Bronx

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home wants to help you create a memorable experience for friends and family. We help you remember those closest to you with veteran funeral services for an intimate gathering in the Bronx. If you have questions about any of our services or offerings, contact us online at your earliest convenience.

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