A Short History of Our Bronx Funeral Home

The story of Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home dates back five generations with original roots in Morris Park. In 1875, a full-service funeral home was owned and operated by the Ruggiero family. Shortly after the Civil War, this venue quickly became the premier source for those in the Bronx area to receive high-quality funeral services.

The Ruggiero family business built its own legacy by serving the greater New York community with compassion in mind. After decades of creating memorable experiences for families, the owners decided to acquire Ribustello & Son, another family-owned funeral home within Morris Park, in the year 2000.

Fast forward to the present day, when licensed New York State Funeral Director and lifelong Bronx resident Joseph A. Lucchese saw an opportunity to run a business aligned with his dedication to helping others.

Lucchese took over the Ruggiero family business in recent years and continues to operate one of the leading funeral homes in the Bronx today. Our venue welcomes both traditional and non-traditional services and encompasses all faith backgrounds found within the state of New York. If you're searching for an affordable funeral home in the Bronx area, Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral home focuses on the expectations of your family for an experience all attendees will remember long after our services conclude.

Professional Services We Offer

Lucchese Funeral Home is dedicated to creating a unique event for your loved one. We tailor our funeral services to suit gatherings of all sizes, and we give you the opportunity to craft an itinerary that works for you. From direct cremations without a ceremony to traditional burials with a viewing and church service, we strive to honor your friend, relative or colleague according to your vision.

We'll host an in-person or online meeting with you to get a better idea of what you hope to see at our Bronx funeral home. Through careful attention to detail, our funeral directors will introduce you to an option perfect for your budget and family tradition.

Our Bronx Funeral Home Offerings

  • Traditional Burials: Our funeral home serves as a venue for viewings, memorials, church services and more. We can coordinate transportation from our location to the burial site.
  • Cremations: An option for the deceased increasing in popularity. Cremation services can include all of the elements of a traditional burial ending with a graveside service. Some families choose to place remains in an urn for scattering ashes.
  • Green Burials: We have access to the nearby Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Place your loved one in an environmentally-friendly casket for a natural decomposition process free from preservatives.
  • Veteran Funeral Benefits: We arrange veteran benefits for those who have served our country. Your funeral director will invite a minimum of two active service members for a playing of the taps and placement of the American flag.
  • Personalization: We supply you with everything necessary for a beautiful ceremony. This might include setting up floral arrangements, signature books, family photographs and memorial tables.

Why Choose Joseph A. Lucchese?

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home helps you stay strong during a difficult loss. We bring families in the Bronx a variety of funeral services as well as merchandise for cremations and burials, and we keep it all under one roof. Your loved one matters to us, so we'll take the time to plan everything for a peaceful closing chapter.

Contact us online today for further information about our staffservices and pricing.


A Tradition of Caring