Teofilo Garcia
Teofilo Garcia, nicknamed by his friends and family as Hitler, was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on January 8th 1940. He passed away in Manhattan at the age of 80. His mother was Ana Rios. He is survived by his wife Georgina Allende, daughter Caridad Quinones, grandson Infain Cruz Jr; sisters Juanita Garcia, Gregoria Garcia, and Aide Arroyo.  He was the only son out of four siblings. He lived in Manhattan for a large portion of his life where he worked many different blue collar jobs. He enjoyed working and earning a days wage to support his family. On his free time when he was younger, he enjoyed playing softball. He was an avid baseball fanatic. His favorite pitch was the screwball. He always reminisced about striking out many batters with that pitch. Later in life, he enjoyed watching many hours of classic and new baseball. He was a fan of both the Yankees and Mets. From time to time, he enjoyed going to the stadiums and watch both teams play. Teofilo was overall a great man who took care of his family the best way he knew how. He was a handy man and very creative. We will forever remember him and we know that one day we will all meet again.


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