Preplanning a funeral is something everyone should consider. Families often suffer the burden of an unexpected loss leading to financial stress, tension and a time crunch for the perfect service. For those in the Bronx with children, siblings or a spouse, recording the details of a funeral arrangement before the time of death is possible thanks to Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home.

Our funeral directors want to help you celebrate the life of someone close to you. In just a few short steps, we’re able to document your wishes for a burial or cremation and guarantee a peaceful send-off. There are numerous reasons to preplan a funeral, and we walk you through each step of the process to keep the mind at ease.

1. Costs Will Be Established

One advantage of preplanning a funeral is locking in an affordable rate. Lucchese Funeral Home offers several types of services, but it is important to note that funeral costs generally increase over time. While we schedule preplanning appointments free of charge, you do have the option to pay for funeral and memorial arrangements years in advance.

We’re flexible with how you go about preplanning a funeral to save money. Think about securing a burial plot, casket or headstone so that selections match your preference and expectations.

2. Make Decisions for Yourself

Planning is a major part of life, and this idea applies to your own funeral service as well. Some individuals want complete control over what happens to their remains, so the preplanning process is a great way to ensure you receive exactly what you want. Even though it is a difficult subject, expressing your thoughts for a burial location and funeral structure helps family members feel confident during times of grief.

You can write down the details and wishes you have for Lucchese Funeral Home to draw inspiration. Think about the following considerations to influence events throughout the funeral:

3. A Gift to Loved Ones

Why preplan a funeral? Perhaps one of the most important reasons is to create a sense of relief for your family. Those closest to you may be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted in the days leading up to a funeral service.

You can prevent others from wondering if they made the right decisions by mapping out details for this day of remembrance. It’s common for relatives to have different opinions, so preplanning a funeral helps stop any sort of family conflict. Establish how many people you would like to attend your service, and gather the following for a seamless ceremony:

  • Any documents to obtain an official death certificate
  • Full contact list of guests to invite
  • Financial plans for payment (if not prepaying)
  • Military records and forms for veteran benefits (if applicable)

Preplan Funeral Services in the Bronx

Joseph A. Lucchese Funeral Home wants to lend a helping hand to you and your family. Channeling compassion and understanding, our staff will introduce you to funeral services that provide a peaceful close to a celebrated life. If you are interested in preplanning a funeral or have questions about our offerings, complete a contact form with us today.